The most comprehensive step by step digital tutorial how to start your E-Commerce business from scratch. Build your shopify store, use the most up to date proven Facebook Ads strategies to start generating revenue. Learn how to automate your page and business by incorporating the best tools in the internet today!
Confused which course is for you? 
I strongly believe that the best investment you can make today is investing on yourself
Failing to plan is planning to fail.

I have been coaching for more than 7 YEARS and have helped more than thousands of Filipino in  creating their store, managing and improving their business and guiding on how to improve their cash flows.
This year alone, all E-Commerce giants such as Amazon, Alibaba and others were able to scale higher due to COVID. Do not let the opportunity pass just because social media tells you so.
Watch how I manage to open the door of E-Commerce Opportunity for John and Sheila!
If they can do it, I can do it, so can you. This is not a matter of WHO you are but WHAT you are made of.
I have around 2300+ Members on my Private Academy Group page and it is still Growing. 

What are the requirements?

  • PC or Laptop: Get a decent PC/Laptop with at least i5 processor and 8GB Ram or equivalent. Do not take this for granted
  • Internet: At least 5MBPS Stable Internet
  • Credit Card: Any credit card with mastercard/visa to pay for Facebook Advertisment.
  • Mindset : This business is not easy but definitely worth it, a strong and positive mindset is also very crucial.

Some topics inside the course is not listed to protect the privacy of the module.! But Basically, below are the summary!

  • Facebook Ads :  There are still thousands of advertiser who are clueless on how to run Facebook ads, and most are sadly using BOOST POST till now thinking traffic and inquiries are revenues. You are wasting thousands of Pesos if you don't know the basic fundamentals along with Facebook Pixel
  • Shopify: Shopify is a web CMS, this means you can create a website even with no technical skills, on our premium course, I share my screen on how I do it and I will pinpoint the small critical details to make your website stand out.
  • Items, Suppliers, Manufacturers :  One of the most common question I get is "Rudolf I want to start E-Commerce but clueless what to sell", You will remain clueless if you don't enroll and watch some of my methods how to look and CREATE, winning items. On my courses, I shared my screen to show you how to HUNT and DOMINATE on different various websites along on how to import them with ease with our side importation services.
  • ​Business Operations : After operating for years, I have made all the mistakes possible such as over stocking, improper accounting, careless product testing and what not, let my EXPERIENCE guide you on what to do and what not to, believe me, my mistakes will save you millions of pesos. So if you want to automate your Business, Improve your revenue and cut the time on operations, my course would definitely help.
  • Branding : With multiple Brands under my name, let me guide on what products to sell if you have budget to make your very first BRAND. I also have MULTIPLE STORES THAT FAILED, so basically I know what works and what doesn't. I have sold from beauty, watches, bags, school supplies, sofa covers, electronics and for years , I do have the insight on all these niches. 
  • ​To cut is short, the experience I have in marketing, fb ads, shopify and E-Commerce in General will cut your learning curve to the shortest time possible so you don't have to make my old mistakes. 
One time payment
  • 67 Step by Step Video Guide
  • Product Research / Sourcing / Suppliers
  • Basic Facebook Ads 
  • Facebook Ads Split Testing
  • Basic Marketing Fundamentals
  • Basic E-Commerce Operation
  • Cash on Delivery Guide
  • Chat-bot Tutorial
  • Zapier - Form and Other Automation Tools
  • Basic Facebook Ads Scaling
  • and many many many more!
Basic E-commerce with shopify
All time Best Seller!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • 100+ Step by Step Video Guide
  • Product Research / Sourcing / Suppliers
  • Basic to Intermediate Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Ads Pixel
  • Business and Ads Manager
  • Basic to Intermediate Marketing Fundamentals
  • Cash on Delivery Guide
  • Shopify Website Store Creation Demo FULL
  • Basic to E-Commerce Operation
  • Product Spying, Sourcing, Importation methods
Advance e-commerce with shopify
Time to Scale and Explode
  • 100+ Step by Step Video Guide
  • Product Research / Sourcing / Suppliers
  • Basic to Advance Facebook Ads
  • ABO - CBO Methods
  • Manual Bidding Phasing
  • Full Funnel Retargeting Campaign
  • Chat-bot Tutorial
  • Zapier - Form and Other Automation Tools
  • Cash on Delivery Guide / Branding Guide
  • Basic to Advance Marketing Fundamentals
  • Shopify Advance Creation FULL
If you are looking for a BUSINESS that is Easy with No Capital. You may EXIT and leave this page right now. Let us not waste each others time.✌️😅 
1. After I enroll and pay, how do I watch the videos?

In 24-48 Hours, you shall receive your login credentials to our private server where you can view the course and watch it on 1 IP Address, the videos are non downloadable. 

2. Where do I ask after sales or support questions?

We have a private facebook group page and soon, we are rolling out a forum. We have a regular live schedule where I and other coaches go live to answer questions about E-Commerce.

3. Is there any guarantee on these courses?

Definitely NO, I do not control your actions after the guide that you have watched. I can only tell you where the ROAD is, but you will be the one who will exert the effort.

4. Can I watch the course anytime?

Yes, your account is lifetime and you can watch it anytime by logging in on your account.

5. Is the support lifetime?

YES, except for the Budget E-Commerce course where you can add a 3 mos support for only Php 500. We are rolling out a FORUM soon and the fees will be very minimal to keep the forum, server, moderator alive.

6. Can I upgrade from Basic to Advance?

Unfortunately no, I do offer a 5000 Pesos discount if you enroll on the BASIC and ADVANCE Course.
The ADVANCE course covers some topics of the BASIC so yes you can skip the BASIC Course!

7. I am an OFW and I want to do E-Commerce, is it possible?

YES, we do offer fulfillment service so you don't have to. I have dozens of OFW students who are doing E-Commerce right now and slowly paving their way into financial freedom.

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  • Priority Updates : Get the first up to date news if there are any changes on Facebook Algorithm or other marketing tactics that works.
  • ​and many many more!
Are you Ready to start your E-Commerce journey?
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